Policies & Procedures

Peter Newsham, the Chief of Police of the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department (DCMPD), is authorized to issue orders, rules, and regulations governing conduct and controlling police activity. Written directives are the means to document and communicate these policies, rules, regulations, and procedures, and are necessary to establish clear limits to the broad discretionary authority of a police officer. 

DCMPD develops and maintains written directives that reflect its mission and values, while providing policy and procedural guidance required for members to conduct their duties in a professional manner. 

District of Columbia Municipal Regulation (DCRA) 6A, Chapter 11, Section 1100.6 states that, "Special Police Officers appointed under the provisions of either 1100.4 or 1100.5 shall be amenable to the rules laid down for the government of the Metropolitan Police Force in so far as those rules are applicable". Therefore, MSPD has adopted and implemented the following below MPD policies, rules, and regulations for the purposes of consistency with the SPO program.