The Metropolitan Special Police Department believes that trust and communication are essential  pillars of any successful relationship. We strives to earn the public's trust, develop efficient and effective lines of communication, and maintain a positive working relationship with the community. Therefore, the Metropolitan Special Police Department's Office of Police & Security Complaints (OPSC) provides a way that members of the public can thank an officer for going above and beyond their duty.        

If you are pleased with the service you have received from us, we welcome praise and compliments about individual members of our department. The information you provide helps us to recognize and share examples of good practice in order to improve the service we deliver. We will pass your comments on to the employee and their supervisor. If you would like to thank a specific officer who has helped you, but you don't know their name, fill in as much of the online praise form as you can. This will help us find the officer and pass your thanks on to him/her.      

Please, take a moment to fill out and submit the below officer praise form to us if you feel that a member of our department went above and beyond their duty. A unique number will be assigned to your case, and a member of the OPSC will inform the officer of the praise from the community member.

Officer Compliment Form

Describing Your Encounter:

Complete the form in its entirety. It is important to include your telephone number in order that an investigator may contact you for additional information or clarification if needed.  Describe the event in detail including date, time and location of the incident.  List any witnesses to the alleged employee misconduct. Indicate the name of the employee(s) if known. If the name is unknown, provide as much physical description about the employee(s) and/or badge number if possible.