The mission of MSPD is to provide efficient and effective private policing, security, and protective services that foster a safe and secure environment, while ensuring the protection of all persons, properties and buildings, as well as the enforcement of applicable District of Columbia Codes and Municipal Regulations within our jurisdiction.  

In carrying out our mission, MSPD has developed several positive working professional relationships with various local municipal and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as other emergency management services. This multi-agency professional working relationship allows us to share information that results in preventing and deterring crime within our jurisdiction and in the surrounding communities. As a result, we are able to respond more efficiently and effectively to incidents in our jurisdiction that may arise.

Through the utilization of SPOs that are highly educated, skilled, and trained - coupled along with the positive support from the community, strategic partnerships, and evidence based best practices - MSPD is successful in achieving and maintaining its mission.   


Through our steadfast commitment to transparency and excellence in policing, MSPD will be a professional, inclusive, dynamic, and innovative private law enforcement agency known for recruiting, hiring, training and developing an exceptional workforce that reflects the values and diversity of the District of Columbia.